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This is the blog for Krowdthink Ltd.  We will discuss issues that motivated us to consider developing a new kind of social network, the principles of user engagement we wish to be held accountable to, and it will be a public forum in which we mull over social media issues that vex us and for which we seek broader thoughts, ideas and inputs.

We feel that most social networks seek to virtualise all we do and drive users into cloud based interactions – and one reason (that starts to dominate reality for large scale social media companies) is monetisation which is driven by their business models. In general, their end customer is, or becomes, someone other than the users themselves. Cloud based interactions are great and expand our ability to understand one another across cultures,  but as social animals where is the physical real world socialising happening?  There is currently a disconnect between social media and real world interaction.  The mobile computing age allows us to think differently about social media.

The flip side of the monetisation issue is that the more of your data social media corporates can get you to ‘willingly’ (or should we say unknowingly?) give them, the more they can sell.  It’s become a race to own your online profile.  We think that the time is ripe for a more open and honest social media business to user engagement, one that empowers and informs the user about how their profile is used, and to give them an alternative social media tool that allows the user to define the levels of privacy they desire.  To be who they want online, transparent and open, or private and opaque.  Just because we use the internet does not mean we have given up our rights as individuals to control our online profile.

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