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Why pseudonymity is important for the Krowd

September 11, 2014

When we are in a crowd, most people around us are strangers, in effect they are anonymous to us in terms of their name and who they are.  Yet we already know things about them, simple things like the fact that they are co-located with us, and because we are in the same place, perhaps we have similar interests (the band we are watching, or perhaps we work for the same business).  When we see them across a crowded room we may know their sex, physical description, maybe their ethnicity and, from their clothes, maybe even a bit about their background.

The Krowd seeks to duplicate this sort of anonymity in a crowd, but in a digital and mobile phone context.  So you can expose a part of your profile consistent with the place you are in (your business profile, sports profile etc) and in effect create a digital perspective of who you are in a crowd. While in large crowds this enables digital introductions whilst preserving your anonymity.  It enables you to use the phone in your pocket to look around you and potentially find more people of like mind, similar interests or goals, rather than just those that through happenstance you meet because you stood close by.

This is why we believe in pseudonymity – the use of a false name to provide anonymity.

You can of course use your real name as a Krowd handle, but we advise against it.  We’d also advise having a unique Krowd handle, in other words don’t use your Twitter handle unless you really want others to have the potential to link information about you.  Remember in the Krowd we seek to give you the privacy and control of your data that the vast majority of other apps and social networks seek to collate in order to profile you.

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