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A Day in the life of ManInTheKrowd

November 26, 2013

It’s a bright crisp autumnal morning and ManInTheKrowd leaves for work at 6am to catch his train. It’s packed as normal and it’s a job to get a seat, but he eventually gets settled for the hour-long journey.  He sets his Krowd persona to Social and connects to the Krowd in the train using their onboard Wi-Fi service. The journey to Birmingham passes quickly as he browses the persona’s of people in the Krowd, chats with a few regular early morning travelers like himself, people he follows who he can see are on the same train as usual. He picks up their persona updates about what’s been happening with them recently and comments on KarenKool’s Krowd Blog (Klog) entry about a local restaurant she went to last night, asking if the service was as good as the food.  JoeB broadcasts that he’s starting a new job today at Big Corp and he gets a load of congratulations and a couple of introductions from people who work at the same office, although someone called Madfly says something unpleasant. A quick review of their profile indicates a lot of people ignore Madfly, and ManInTheKrowd adds Madfly to his ignore list too.

ManInTheKrowd needs to get his wife a birthday present in a couple of days time, she has raved about a couple of fashion designers recently and he noted them down in his retail persona. While on the train he updates his retail persona search tag and Klog (Krowd blog) with a couple of ideas of what he’s looking for.

Upon leaving the train station in Birmingham city centre he sets his Krowd persona to retail. As he walks through the shopping centre a few of the shop assistants take the opportunity of the early morning quiet time to browse the Krowd, thanks to Digital Birmingham’s deployment of free WiFi throughout the city centre. One sees ManInTheKrowd’s retail search tag about fashion accessories and his latest retail Klog entry stating he’s looking for a birthday present for his wife.  She sends him a comment that her shop has a beautiful Orla Kiely handbag at a knockdown price.

ManInTheKrowd enters the 10 story office block where he works for a small company of a dozen or so people in a shared office facility.  He sets his persona to business as he enters the building.  No one here needs to know he’s looking for a birthday gift for his wife or what she likes.

The office management company uses the Krowd as an easy and secure way to connect all the people in their office building socially, both workers and official visitors. GreatOfficeAdmin has updated his business Klog to let everyone know that they are trialing a new sandwich supplier in the cafeteria this week and encourages everyone to try them out.

ManInTheKrowd can see everyone in his company has arrived for work except LaidBackLarry, he’s not in the local Krowd list.  That’s par for the course, but he sends him a personal message just to see if he’ll be in the office in time for the 9.30 sales meeting. He responds to say he’s stuck on the motorway…again, but won’t be more than 10 minutes late.

GreatOfficeAdmin , as efficient as ever, broadcasts a reminder message about the sandwiches several times leading up to lunch. So at lunchtime ManInTheKrowd goes to try them out and while in the café he checks his retail Klog and sees the new highlighted comment about the handbag.  That’s useful, he can nip down there straight away, and he messages them to check its still there and gets a confirmation. The handbag is perfect and at just the right price.  After he has bought it he deletes his Klog entry and changes his search tag.  He does not want to be contacted now he’s got what he was looking for.

In the shared office it’s always nice to meet someone new, especially from another company.  So when SandraD joins Acme LLC on the next floor, she introduces herself via the Krowd and Klogs about her business interests.  It just so happens she’s there to add consulting services on PR to Acme, just what ManInTheKrowd needs to help him launch his new product next year. He checks her business Klog and can see she worked for a competitor previously, that could be useful.

After work, ManInTheKrowd meets up with his friends to watch a basketball match, so he sets his persona to sport.  They decide to meet up in the stadium entrance hall. Except its packed, and hard to move, so getting together is hard.  Using the Krowd ManInTheKrowd can immediately see his friends are nearby, so they just message each other and decide to just get to their seats, but that Fred will get 6 pints of beer as he’s closest to the bar.

BasketCase is a sports statistics geek, and he continuously updates his stats in the Krowd via his sport Klog, highlighting to all in the stadium when Big Jock scores his record breaking one thousandth basket halfway through the match….and to add value, as he knows its coming, he snaps a great pic of that basket and shares it in his sports Klog with all those people who were there to experience that special moment, many of whom copy it to their Klogs to show their friends and family when they get home.

On the way home, on the late night train he rarely takes, ManInTheKrowd looks to see whom he knows in the local Krowd.  He still has his sports persona set, so CloudMan, someone he has often Krowd chatted with on the early morning commuter train, contacts him after seeing his Big Jock’s one thousandth basket pic.  It seems he’s a huge fan too but missed the game, so he copies the pic into his Klog. They get on well in the Krowd chat, and as the train is half empty, decide to meet up. The real-life CloudMan is a nice as his Krowd persona, so he is invited to ManInTheKrowd’s regular basketball group and a new friendship is made.

Sometimes it’s those instances of shared interest or experience that bring people together.  This is what the Social in Social Networks should be about, helping make real life connections with real people.

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